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Ductless Range Hood






Ductless Range Hoods – Circulate clean air in your kitchen



A range hood or extractor hood is a unit that has a fan and hangs over your cooktop or stovetop. Its importance stems from the fact that it keeps your kitchen free of greasy air, moisture and cooking odors. It comprises of a skirt that contains the rising gases, grease filters and a fan or tangential blower for forced ventilation. The two main applications of range hoods are the ducted or vented variety and the ductless or ventless variety.


The difference between the two is that the output collar of the hood’s blower motor is attached to a duct system that ends outside the house in the ducted units. Whereas in case of the ductless units activated charcoal filters or metal filters remove the odor and smoke particles from the air and return the clean air back into the kitchen environment. That is why the ductless units are also referred to as recirculating units.


If your kitchen lacks the space or ability to install a duct system or make up air requirements you may have to go with the ventless units. Sometimes the additional cost of heating/cooling the make up air can also pose a problem. What you need to remember with the ductless application is that the activated charcoal filters must be replaced periodically depending on the frequency and type of cooking that takes place.


There is a whole range of ductless range hoods on the market and you can choose according to your kitchen décor and budget. Broan is a leading company in the manufacture of range hoods. Their 36" Non-Ducted Under Cabinet Range Hood in white color performs well and does not burn a hole in your pocket. It can be installed as non ducted only and must use a charcoal filter. It accepts up to 75 watt light to illuminate your cooktop.


There are certain models that work both ways – ducted or ventless. One such example that is worth considering is the Sharp KB0333KW 30 Insight Range Hood in White. It is compatible with the entire range of Insight and Insight Pro Ranges. It features a Heat Sensor that automatically adjusts the fan when excessive cooking heat is detected, a Delay Off that turns the fan off after 10 minutes of operation automatically and a filter change indicator that will remind you when the filters need to be cleaned. It incorporates Four Speed Electronic Controls that let you select from 100 to 430 CFM, Advanced 3 level lighting and quiet operation.


You can use either the dual halogen lights or the two incandescent lights. Its thin, sleek and stylish design blends with your kitchen décor seamlessly. The bottom cover is an easy to clean DuPont Teflon non stick variety. The large full filter design is dishwasher safe. The best feature is that the versatile blower design accommodates four way convertibility – horizontal, vertical, round or non ducted. The flush mounted centrifugal blower increases the performance and ensures quiet operation.


While you are in the process of selecting your ductless range hood you should keep in mind that it should have enough power to filter out the volume of pollutants that are circulating in the kitchen. Also keep the Sone rating in mind – this is the unit of measurement of loudness of the hood.



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